What Are The Truck Scale Foundations Types?

Foundation Types for truck scales.

The foundation will determine the lifespan of the scale and the lifespan of the scale will determine how much money stays in your pocket. The truck scale foundation is the lowest load bearing part of the scale. Even the smallest imperfections in the foundation can cause weighing errors and unintended wear and tear on the scale. The slope of the site and soil conditions must be examined carefully before construction, otherwise it could lead to problems down the road. There are three types of truck scale foundations: the pier foundation, the beam slab foundation, and the pit style foundation.

Pier foundation

The pier foundation has “piers” that support each load bearing point. Typically some of the foundation is put below frost line so that when the ground freezes and thaws it doesn’t have any negative effects on the scale or the foundation. Pier foundations are commonly found in the north where the ground freezes more often.

Beam slab (floating slab) foundation

The beam slab foundation has concrete beams that run the entire length and width of the scale. Typically the beam slab foundations are stronger than the pier foundation but are more susceptible to the cold.

Pit style foundation

Lastly, the pit style foundation has pits of varying depths underneath the scale. Each foundation will have different sized pits based on the scale and topography, but there is a minimum depth to allow technicians to access components under the weighbridge. Pits can require extra cleaning because debris can gather in the pits over time.

Truck Scale Foundations: Pit vs. Above Ground

Truck Scale Foundations: Pit vs. Above Ground

Truck Scale Foundation Types

Truck Scale Foundation Types