Portable Truck Scales: When Are They a Good Choice?

Learn more about the considerations for portable truck scales.

There are two options when discussing portable truck scales, axle scales and full length portable truck scales. 

Axle scales are usually in the form of individual scales that fit no more than one axle on them at a time.  Sometimes being portable enough to fit just one wheel at a time.  They give you a full axle weight as each axle rides over the scale, summed together to provide a total gross weight at the end of the weighment.

The main difference between axle scales and truck scales is whether you are buying and selling based upon your scale weights.  If you are not doing business based upon your scale weights then many times an axle scale can be utilized to save your company money but also provide the check weights that you are looking for.  Axle scales are not legal for trade.

Truck scales are most typically the easiest way to achieve a legal for trade weight on a vehicle.  We can provide truck scales that are fully portable and encompass steel ramps along with flat approaches, ensuring that we meet the Handbook 44 regulations of each state.  These scales are typically placed in an integral frame which makes them easy to pick up and move to the next job site.

These are the factors which will determine if you can utilize a full length portable truck scale:

1. Do you not know exactly where you would want to position a permanent scale?

No problem!  We install portable scales all the time which can be moved later on to accommodate for changes in traffic flow or increases in truck traffic.


2. Are you on a temporary job site or do you not own the land where the truck scale is going to be installed?

Similar to above, we regularly move scales from job sites, waste removal sites and/or cleanup projects.  Our portable scales and steel ramps can all fit on one truck for ease of removal and transportation.


3. Do you have a straight (and relatively flat) area that is twice the length of your scale?

While most scales are 70 ft. long, we typically recommend a straight away that is 140 ft. in length.  This gives the truck enough time to straighten out before and after the scale.


4. Do you have a reasonably flat and compacted surface?

We can make up height in an area that isn’t perfectly flat and level but the surface needs to be packed down and reasonably firm, ensuring the scale will not move while truck traffic goes across it.

5. Do you plan on the scale being installed in a permanent location in the future?

While our portable scales come with an integral frame and bulkheads, these can easily be removed later on for installation in a permanent, concrete foundation.