Legal For Trade

Do you plan to buy or sell off the scale (aka Legal-For-Trade)?

Size & Length

What type of vehicle are you weighing most of the time?

Permanent / Portable

Is the location for the scale permanent or would you need to relocate or move the scale within 12 months of installation?

Vehicle Traffic

How many vehicles do you plan to weigh per day on average?

Digital or Analog?
Digital: Digital truck scales will offer enhanced data, improved accuracy and generally store the calibration data allowing for load cells to be replaced without a scale dealer heavy capacity test truck. This can save you time and money which is why many manufacturers have already gone this route.

Analog: While Analog truck scales are more affordable, they often times require more maintenance so if uptime is critical to your operation then go with a digital. If you are looking for a more economical scale and up-time is not as important then an analog truck scale is a good option.

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Manned Scale House

Will you have a manned scale house who will record weighments / print tickets?

Print Tickets?

Do you want to print scale tickets?

Guide Rails

Do you want guiderails on your truck scales?

Weight Data to Computer

Do you need weighment data set to from the scale indicator to a computer / IT system / PLC?

Standard would be a basic connection to desktop/laptop computer. Advanced would be more complex like to a PLC / HMI / Industrial Networks.

Remote Display

Do you need a remote display / scoreboard?


Are you interested in financing your truck scale project?

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