The diagrams below depict a 48′ trailer and a 53′ trailer attached to a maximum wheelbase (265″) long haul tractor.  The combination of a 53′ trailer and 265″ wheelbase tractor represents the maximum length of a single tractor-trailer combination in most states (without special permits).

Many states such as Michigan and western states allow multi trailer combinations which cannot be weighed on standard length truck scales.  Partially weighing these trucks is not legal for trade, therefore scales of 100′ to 120′ are typical.  We have several 140′ scales in western states for that application.

It can be seen that the use of the maximum wheelbase tractor will not allow even the shorter 48′ trailer to be weighed on a 60′ scale, whereas that same trailer coupled to a shorter wheel base “cab over” short haul tractor can fit on a 60′ scale.

48′ Trailer


53′ Trailer


48′ Trailer with short wheelbase tractor