Originally developed for vehicle weighing, M2000 A indicators have proven themselves to operate effectively and optimize scale performance in any industrial weighing application. Today, thousands of M2000 A indicators are in service on everything from extreme capacity railway scales to precision portioning and check weighing scales.
Utilizing analog loadcells, an M2000 A is the ideal choice for both new installations and existing system upgrades. A wide range of standard and optional features allows Scale Technicians to easily customize the indicator for a variety of customer needs. The M2000 A is simply the fastest, most affordable, fully featured weight indicator on the market today.


  • 100 weight samples / second
  • FASTSTEP filtering: The industry’s most
    advanced algorithm-adjustable filter system


  • 1 million internal A/D counts
  • Up to 100,000 displayed divisions


  • 3 Independent Scale Channels
  • 2 Fully configurable Serial Ports
  • 4-20 mA Output (Optional)
  • 6 Remote Inputs (Optional)
  • 6 Setpoints (Optional)


  • Proven design holds up to the tough environments and demands of industrial weighing
  • 5 available enclosure models to suit any application


Excitation: 7.5 VDC, Up to 16 350 ohm or 32 700 ohm loadcells Analog Input Range: Selectable. 0-9 mV, 0-19 mV, 0-39 mV, 0-79 mV

Power Requirements: 12 VDC, 1 A

Display: 6 Digit, 7 segment, 1 inch (2.54 cm) LED Temperature Range: 14°F to 104°F / -10°C to 40°C

Approvals: NTEP Class III/IIIL (10,000) Measurement Canada Class III (10,000) / IIIHD (20,000)

Communications: Over 20 selectable Output Strings Configurable Data Format (Baud Rate, Data Bits, Parity, Stop Bits) RS-232, RS-422, and optional RS-485 Multi-drop inputs Selectable update modes Wireless Comm. Module (optional)


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