Premium Scales

Our own truck scale features a heavy duty, open I-beam design to help maximize the life of your equipment.All of our steel is thoroughly cleaned by centrifugal shot blast equipment prior to receiving a two-coat, epoxy primer and polyurethane top-coat paint system. The hermetically sealed, stainless steel compression column load cells are impervious to outdoor elements and provide complete protection from surge voltage and lightning.

  • Scale Capacity: 200,000 lbs
  • CLC: 80,000 lbs
  • Scale Height: 16″Scale Dimensions: Standard and custom sizes available
  • Steel Preparation: Commercial blast cleaning SSPC-SP6
  • Paint System: Cross-Linked two-part Epoxy Primer
  • Two-part UV resistant Polyurethane top coat
  • Load Cell Cable: Stainless steel sheathed cable with clear polymer coating