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"Truck Scales should be purchased wholesale over the internet"

Because:  (This is Important) -- You Will Save Money... 

     It is not necessary to purchase a Truck Scale from a local dealer in order to have it properly installed or serviced.  By doing so  you are actually limiting your choices as  to who can provide both of these services,   both now and in the future.  Also, the local dealer probably sells two or three truck scales per year and wants to make as much as he can on the few he sells.  This past year we sold dozens of scales  in  the Americas, from  Panama to North Pole, Alaska.  We also sold scales in Egypt, Latvia, Romania, Uzbekistan, Germany, Malaysia, Viet Nam, and even West Africa.

   There is nothing magical about installing a truck scale.  Many people do it themselves, but we will be happy to come to you and show you how to do it (and do all the wiring and set up) for a fixed (all expenses included) fee of between $1,800 and $3,500 depending on your location in the continental U.S.A.  We will go anywhere in the world at $450 per day plus expenses.  As for future service, these scales are purposely generic and can be serviced by any licensed scale service company.  Shop around for the people who want your business the most, instead of being locked into the one who sold you the scale.

    Most local scale dealers are not concrete contractors, and will hire a local contractor to do your foundation  work for them (while adding a percentage to that cost.)   We send YOU the foundation drawings so that you can shop for a competent contractor and  the best price.  You can actually download the drawing for your scale from this website to get an estimate prior to making a decision.  If you do not have the finances available at this time, we have LEASE/PURCHASE packages available as well for qualified buyers.


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