N.I.S.T. has a rating system which requires that the Gross Capacity must be related to the CLC of the scale. The Gross Capacity cannot be stated higher than the Number of Sections (pair of load cells), Minus 1/2 Section, Times the CLC.
{Gross < or = (No. of Sections – 1/2) X CLC}

Keep in mind that a Section is a load bearing point ( a pair of load cells), not a Module. The manufacturer of the 100 Ton scale seen above, expected the truck’s weight to be evenly distributed across the scale, not concentrated in one small area. The scale will only support 100 Tons if the load is spread over the entire length of the scale.

Using the formula in paragraph one, a scale with four sections (load cell pairs) and a 35 Ton CLC will have a maximum Gross Capacity of 122.5 Tons. (3 1/2 sections X 35 tons CLC = 122.5 Tons Gross.