Most states demand compliance with NIST’s Handbook 44, which sets up guidelines for Legal for Trade weighing equipment. With respect to truck scale foundations, it states that for any “Permanent” installation ( longer than 6 months at a given location) that the foundation must include 10′ level approaches of concrete on each approach to the scale where trucks will enter or leave it. In addition, the sloping ramps which lead up to the level approaches from grade should be at least 25′ long and should be of a “suitably hard material”. Most agencies will refuse to test a scale if it cannot get it’s test truck safely and easily onto the scale platform.

Foundation requirements for “Temporary ” installations (six months or less at a given location) do not require any of the approaches mentioned above. It is only necessary to have a hard level surface if fully Portable scales are used, or suitable piers or slab without approaches if a permanent type scale is going to be used at a temporary location. It is then acceptable to backfill and compact suitable material to create the sloping approach ramps.

Remember that the regulatory agency will still refuse to check it if these approaches appear to be unsafe. It should also be mentioned that over time these agencies have discovered many people trying to “cheat” the system by using a temporary scale longer than six months. They WILL check back and shut you down if you attempt to do this.

These drawings are for estimating the cost of foundations and should not be used for actual construction. While these drawings are identical to the ones used for actual construction, it is suggested that you ask us for “Certified for Construction” drawings prior to construction. Minor changes might not be included in these online drawings.

There are two formats for these drawings. The most common is .pdf which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, and which most people have. The other format is a CAD format .dwg which requires a CAD program. Engineers prefer the .dwg format because it is easy to read, can be easily manipulated and can be directly “Plotted”.

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